A peer-to-peer racing game.

Press the arrow keys (on desktop) or touch the sides of the screen (on mobile) to turn.

Fly over the arrows on the track to gain acceleration.

If you're connected to a 4g/LTE mobile network and the multiplayer doesn't work for you,
try switching to a Wi-Fi network connection.

Also available on


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song name in this game?

Really good game. The controls are really smooth and its pretty fun, I just wished more people played it so I could do multiplayer

Dude this is freaking awesome! Maybe you could add some sort of visual effects (like zoom blur) to give the effect of accelerating past the scenery. Other than that, this game is exhilarating! Keep up the good work!

I love it XD! well done

What a great game! I just wish there were other people playing at the time so we could play multiplayer! I love that there are mobile controls!

good game   =)